Eyes & Brows

The brows frame your face and the eyes are the window to the soul.  Enhance your facial beauty by purchasing

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Picture of Clear eyelash liner bond

Clear eyelash liner bond

Use Silly George Lash bond to wear false lashes during the day to give you a natural look. No heavy black liner required to hide the glue. Adheres to all false lashes, under a minute, no tacky horrible glue and no mess. 60+ applications out of this tube.
Picture of Black eyelash liner bond

Black eyelash liner bond

Silly George black lash bond. Goes on as a thin black line to adhere your beautiful false lashes. Adheres to all lashes, easily and quickly with no tacky glue or mess. You don’t need to be an expert to get your lashes on with this bond. Simple and fuss free. Stays put all day and into the evening. Stays on even in the wind and rain Get 60+ Applications out of this tube.
Picture of Girl Crush Lashes

Girl Crush Lashes

$1 dollar a day lashes!! 30+ wears Silly George lashes are an IG hit. Don’t miss out getting yours today. Get into your feline groove with these gorgeous and glamorous criss-cross cat-eye style. It’s the perfect medium lash for day and night
Picture of Girl About Town Lashes

Girl About Town Lashes

The ‘Girl About Town’ lash is the perfect "mini" lash, to accent the outer half of the eye. Our gorgeous new accent lash, for use with Silly George Clear or Black LinerBond. IF you want more GLAM then check out “Girl Crush” lash. $1 dollar a day lashes!! 30+ wears are in IG hit
Picture of Girl Friday Lashes

Girl Friday Lashes

These lashes are seriously great day lashes, especially when you pair them with the clear lash bond, and transition easily to the weekend. These are our most popular lash by far BUT if you are looking for something more Glam then check out “Girl on Fire🔥” $1 dollar a day lashes!!
Picture of Girl Next Door Lash

Girl Next Door Lash

Get a beguiling Girl Next Door Look with these. Your natural look - but better. A great day wear look that takes you out to a date without over doing it.
Picture of Girl on Fire Lash

Girl on Fire Lash

A full, cat 🐱 eye style. Biggest and boldest style yet. Long, thick and wispy just how we like our lashes.
Picture of LiBrow Brow Serum

LiBrow Brow Serum

LiLash Brow Serum thickens and grows sparse or over plucked brow hair. Perfect if you are suffering from hair loss due to menopause or other medical conditions. 6ml bottle lasts 6 months
Picture of Lash Growth Serum - Silly George

Lash Growth Serum - Silly George

Silly George serum increases the length of your lashes within 6 weeks. Simply swipe it on once or twice a day and see real results. When you take off your lash extensions and need to give your lashes a little TLC - this is the product to use.
Picture of Girl Goals Lashes

Girl Goals Lashes

Our gorgeous new fluffy faux-mink lash, for use with the LinerBond System! The ‘Girl Goals’ lash is a great all rounder lash, with wispy hairs and round shape. Girl Goals: Band length 33mm, lashes length: 8-18mm. Trimmable ends